Big Brother Spoilers – Latest Results & Updates (2024)

Big Brother spoilers from inside the Big Brother 26 house reveal latest results and updates and Houseguests compete for control and safety on their way to a $750K prize. Want the latest spoilers from BB26? Check our quick glance spoilers board here.

Big Brother Spoilers – Latest Results & Updates (1)

Each week fans discover who won Head of Household, was sent to the chopping block with nominations, secured the Power of Veto, and was evicted from the Big Brother house. Thanks to the unique access to the game between episodes using the Live Feeds on Paramount+ we’re able to find spoilers for all the big events inside the house.

Weekly events and competitions in the Big Brother house tend to follow a general schedule and can help guide your expectations for the next installments of spoilers throughout the season.

Latest Big Brother Spoilers:

‘Big Brother 25’ Spoilers: Final HOH Round 2 Results

The part two of the Final HOH is now complete for Big Brother 25 and the spoilers are below. The remaining three Houseguests competed Sunday overnight in Round 1 and the defeated two HGs from [...]

‘Big Brother 25’ Spoilers: Who Won Round 1 – Final HOH?

The special Sunday eviction show just sent Felicia Cannon out the door to become the sixth Juror, leaving just one set left to be filled at the Jury House. Next it was time for the [...]

‘Big Brother 25’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night?

A special Sunday eviction episode arrived to send a Final 4 Houseguest out the door and deliver us to the season’s F3 for Big Brother 25. Just a few days left before the confetti falls [...]

Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Veto Competition Results – Week 14

The very last Veto Spoilers of the Big Brother 25 season have arrived. This is it. No more chances of escaping eviction and no more Saturdays hanging around waiting for the latest. The Veto competition [...]

Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 14 Nominations

There was little time to prepare for these nominations but there were also very few options to consider. Bowie Jane, our new HOH, was quickly called upon by Mr. B to fill both nomination chairs [...]

‘Big Brother 25’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? Week 14

After watching Cirie Fields voted out last night on Big Brother it was time to crown a new Head of Household. Only four Houseguests remained and Matt Klotz wasn’t able to compete as the previous [...]

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Head of Household Spoilers:
Each Thursday night we expect to find out who won Head of Household (HoH) and will be making that week’s nominations. Results are often part of Thursday night’s live show, but sometimes these spill over into an endurance competition or late-night HoH comp.

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Nomination Spoilers:
Noms typically follow the HoH comp on the next day and are made official by Friday night. The Head of Household will put two Big Brother players on the block for eviction, but they usually are not allowed to explicitly state who is going up. We can watch the HoH talk with HGs and get a strong idea of who will be nominated, but nothing is official until the ceremony is over.

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Power of Veto Spoilers:
Houseguests sent to the block have a chance at safety with the Power of Veto (PoV). The HoH, two noms, and three other selected HGs will compete for the chance to Veto one of the nominees, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be used. These competitions are often held on Saturday afternoons and have sometimes lasted many hours.

The winner of the PoV will announce his or her decision at the Power of Veto Ceremony which we expect on Monday afternoons. This gives a full day to debate use of the Veto and hear from the involved players on what incentives may be offered up as motivation.

If the Veto is used then the HoH will need to name a new nominee (renom). We’ll have our final nominations of the week following the Power of Veto Ceremony.

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Eviction Spoilers:
Thursday arrives and someone is evicted from the Big Brother house. Neither the HoH nor the nominees may vote. The other Houseguests go inside the Diary Room for a private vote where they’ll reveal their decision to host Julie Chen. Julie will announce the house’s decision and the player with the most votes against him or her will be immediately sent out of the house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Latest Results & Updates (2024)


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