how to animate on iphone Minecraft Servers Flavor — Minecraft Servers List (2024)

The CraftyClub IP Address:

How Crafty Can You Be??

We are a multi-server experience with the attractions of:
Modern Towny,
Medieval Factions,
KitPvP Table

Oh my. …you did remember to invite your friends, didnt you?


1) Towny:

Use /Towny to come to the most popular of our servers. Its a great place for adventurers to call home. Our spectacular Towny spawn features an all-inclusive Spawn Shop. Make your town, set its theme,and invite players to live with you there. Make your way to the Nether, collect all your achievements. Go with your new friends to find your way to The End to fight the Ender Dragon… then come back and do it all again..

2) Factions

Our Factions starts you with the tools you need to make an impenetrable fortress. Use it as your Faction base, safely holding your loot while you go and build your empire gathering resources and raiding other bases. This is the least administrated server, so you have the leeway to attack in many more ways. If you like raiding and looting, THIS is the server for you. No hacking, though – that ruins it for everyone and we do not tolerate it.

Our Factions allows access to the Nether AND The End – Once you achieve them.
Come to have fun and build your power to be the biggest and the best. Play with common sense and gusto so you can rule here forever..

3) ON KitPvP

We full of Easter Eggs – both good & evil. Can you adapt when the noob knows something you dont?. There are surprises to help the savvy player skip away from combat. Maneuver your opponent around them to YOUR best advantage..

Come when its busy to take on whomever you please come when its empty to map out the many surprises weve laid out for you to find. Optimize your performance – learn to use these treats to plan out your battles – use your skills and be cunning to prevail.

I dare you to try your skills on “The Wall of Suffering” – our best parkour EVER.. …and, before you ask, YES. It has been successfully completed. Put your head on the wall to prove youve made it, too..

4) Prison

It seems like everyone has a Prison these days, right? But OURS gives you features at every stage of the game. Start out the game with a surprise OP pickaxe – but use it wisely, its the only OP item in the entire game.. From here out, you will win or lose by your wits.. Can you win that kind of challenge?

This is an A-Z+Free Prison, so you will have a lot to conquer in your stay. After you breeze through a few mines, youll feel the challenges start to take you. By mine D, it gets harder, but you are rewarded with a FREE plot in PlotMe world. Get your blocks in Prison and use them to make a fabulous home base for your burgeoning empire. Enter our monthly building contests for prizes and credit over every server..

Win your freedom from Prison and venture out into the FREE WORLD. Now you can start to play the REAL game. Rule over prison with your new-found powers. Find your villages, make your NETHER PORTALS, locate the STRONGHOLDS and go to THE END. Beat the Enderdragons on your own terms. Theres so much to do on this Prison server..

Which server will be your favorite? Try them all out. And there will be more soon…

These are servers for every player Minecraft has. If you enjoy chatting but like the action of PvP, too, go to Prisons Grande Colosseum PvP Arena and our own kitPvP to satisfy your needs.

Community and win/win ethics are strongest on the TOWNY server. Go there to play and meet up with your friends to play and build together. Bring your parents there so the whole family can play.
Raiding and looting other players are NOT acceptable on Towny.

If raiding and looting is what you want, do it to your hearts content on Factions. Well give a lot of things to spend your allowance on, too. Our memberships start at Free and work their way from $5 & $15… all the way up to $350 for permanent server-wide perks that you will enjoy each visit. Show your love for the network by helping us grow and be a greater place to spend your online time.

Visit our website at: to see descriptions of all of our donor packages and other fun buys. Well explain them all to you & every single perk – just take a look inside.

Visit us for fun make us your home then, use the hot links to our affiliates to round out a variety of games at your fingertips. Then, come back home to the CraftyClub to see your friends – and to make new ones – everyday.

Just ask yourself: How Crafty can you be?

So, come and join us at PLAY.CRAFTYCLUB.ORG


how to animate on iphone Minecraft Servers Flavor — Minecraft Servers List (2024)


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