Join our Team as a Bold and Outgoing Executive Assistant and Take Your Career to the Next Level! (2024)

Hey there!

Are you tired of working for a company that doesn't understand the importance of work-life balance? Well, we've got some great news for you! Our team is on the hunt for a bold Integrator who values a healthy balance between work and play.

We're looking for someone who's not only organized and detail-oriented but also has strong technical skills and communication abilities. As an Integrator, you'll be in charge of making sure our online accounts run smoothly, and you'll have the opportunity to chat with clients and bring your A-game to messaging. You'll also help us keep track of progress and help us make improvements.

We believe in working hard and playing hard. That's why this is a full-time position with flexible hours and a salary that's off the charts. We want someone who's passionate, hard-working, and ready to join our team.

So, what do you say? Are you the Integrator we've been searching for? We can't wait to hear from you!


1. Watch this:

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2. Send us a quick screen-share explaining your experience and why you’re a good fit is a SURE WAY to get to land you an interview...we move fast here!!

Please read the job post carefully. Any copy+paste applications will be thrown out.

SHOW us you read the application and want this job. We want someone excited to work with us just like we are excited to have you come onboard!

We take our hiring process very seriously as we consider our tea

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mbers to be family. And we treat them that way!

AT FIRST, this position starts as a part-time 6-week trial period as we onboarding and train you (paid!) then very quickly transitioning to a full-time role if:

1) You enjoy the position (your happiness matters!)
2) We are happy with the performance and execution.
A truly high performer who learns fast and strives for excellence is born in a person

- Independent Work-Life Balance
- Bonuses (13th month broken down quarterly)
- Growth in the role (hello leadership!)
- Prepaid HMO/insurance for the team (think of it as emergency Insurance)
- Access to exclusive content
- Raises, based on performance
- Leadership is a Loving Couple

As our Integrator, you'll get to:
- Uploading content/videos to online platforms
- Social Media Management. Keep our online accounts on point
- Schedule and organize content like a boss
- Chat with clients and bring your A-game to messaging
- Keep the comments section clean and positive
- Track progress and help us make improvements
- Calculating monthly views for specific content
- Checking notifications morning and evening
- Thumbnails (easy graphic design in Canva)
- Got skills in graphic design or video editing? Front of the line!
- Bonus: Basic video editing of compilations- working with Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve (compilations - cutting the best scenes)

- Content & SMM management experience
- Media & Marketing background
- Graphic experience (thumbnails)

Bonus: nice to have:

- E-commerce background
- Influencer manager
- Team management
- With Writing Experience
- Heavy on content
- Video editing (compilation videos)
- PA experience, mostly travel arrangements
- Customer service experience (commenting)


We're looking for someone who:

- Knows how to keep things confidential. Ability to maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.
- Organized: Ability to keep track of multiple tasks and prioritize them effectively.
- Detail-oriented: Strong attention to detail and ability to catch errors before they occur.
- Is tech-savvy and always up for a challenge: Proficiency in relevant software and technology, ability to learn new tools quickly.
- Communicates like a pro: Strong verbal and written communication skills, ability to communicate professionally with clients.
- Works well with a team: Ability to work well with others and contribute to a positive team dynamic.
- Independent: Ability to take initiative and work independently, with minimal supervision.
- Flexible: Open to change and able to adapt to new situations quickly.
- Passionate: A genuine interest in the work and a desire to deliver high-quality results.
- If you've read this far, please add the word tomato to your headline response or we will not accept your application
- Positive attitude: A can-do attitude and a willingness to tackle new challenges.


“I work as an executive assistant to the CEO at Rockway Exhibits & Events. I am very grateful and blessed to be working with such good people, and I have Structured 2 Scale to thank for that because what they do is admirable. The amount of effort that Gina, Marj, and the whole team put into finding a good fit for both clients and employees isn't

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's a long and rigorous process, but it's absolutely worth

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's rare to find someone who cares for hires the way they do. They don't just bring people in and then leave them defend for themselves. They do their best to check in every now and then, and whatever concerns you have, you can reach out anytime. And the best part is that they've actually managed to build this wonderful community. Working virtually can be lonely, but it's amazing how they've created this space where you can feel safe and accepted.”Ish T.

"Hi, my name is Jet from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. I am a marketing coordinator and team lead for Khronos for two years of experience. I was the first virtual assistant from the Philippines to be hired by the company, and they were happy with my performance and my work ethic that it encouraged them to hire more people from the Philippines. I left my 10-year government job to work from home, and I thank God I did. Thank you Structure 2 Scale for giving me my dream job.“


Sending us a quick screen-share explaining your experience and why you’re a good fit is a SURE WAY to get to land you an interview...we move fast here!!

See you very soon!

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Join our Team as a Bold and Outgoing Executive Assistant and Take Your Career to the Next Level! (2024)


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