SerpClix Review | Everything You Should Know (2024)

We have discussed how CTR manipulation can help SEOs and website owners take their search results to a whole new level, and we’ve also looked at several tools for this purpose in the past.

In today’s article, we’re analyzing SerpClix, both from the perspective of someone who might be interested in using the service and from the perspective of a so-called clicker – and what they might be able to earn.

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SerpClix Review

Before we move on to the rest of the article, we’d like to suggest that you check out other tools that we have reviewed, keeping in mind that all have unique features and unique price points and are very different (some using real clickers and others just relying on bots):

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  • SERP Empire Review

In the very near future, we’ll also write a review of ClickSEO, another SerpClix alternative.

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What is SerpClix?

While other services are very straightforward when it comes to the ways that they can manipulate click-through-rate and they clearly state that they use bots, SerpClix prides itself on using real clickers.

Apparently, there are more than 100.000 people located across the world that are basically paid for every click they make, and that’s how someone looking to use such a service manages to indeed take their rankings to a whole new level.

However, when it comes to relying on CTR manipulation, it’s always a good idea to take every statement with a grain of salt – not that SerpClix doesn’t do precisely what it promises to do, but this is a tricky technique and one that goes against most search engines’ best practices or rules.

SerpClix for CTR manipulation


We’ll go into a bit more detail about the risks that you can expect with CTR manipulation, but what you should know from the beginning is that the more control you have over everything, the better.

If you’ve been trying to increase the rankings for a website organically before, you might have noticed some trends – no matter what industry that site is in, location, or anything else.

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People don’t click search results in the same way for the same days of the week, for example, but that is not something that you should expect SerpClix to allow you to have power over.

The number of clicks depends on the plan you purchase and the only things that you can choose are the keywords you want to rank for, the position you are aiming at, and a general estimate of the number of clicks you want to get.

There’s also the option of you choosing whether you want to get these results on Google or Bing, for example, local GMB, or all sorts of other types of results, such as Google Images or YouTube.

How much does SerpClix for CTR manipulation cost?

First of all, there is a free trial available and every user can get 500 credits for a period of up to 14 days. However, we should note that this free trial doesn’t make that big of a difference, especially if you’re trying to rank for a highly competitive keyword or there are plenty of other results that have satisfied user intent over time – perhaps better.

The 500 credits should get you about 55 clicks if you use the ‘all country’ setting, meaning you’re going to receive the clicks from pretty much any location across the globe. At the same time, they should be enough for 29 clicks for specific countries.

That can be a little disappointing particularly if your website is already getting enough organic clicks as it is.

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While the free trial is exactly what it is supposed to be, meaning completely free of charge, anyone interested in testing the product needs to provide their payment information, whether that be credit card details or a PayPal login.

Moving on to the paid plans that are currently available on the SerpClix website, the most affordable one is priced at $197 per month and comes with 6,000 credits, the equivalent of approximately 660 clicks. Naturally, this all depends on the previously discussed feature, whether you’re OK with receiving clicks from anywhere in the world or you want to have full control over their location.

The Bronze plan is priced at just under $300 per month ($297, to be exact) and includes 12,000 credits, which should last for a good 1,300 clicks or more. The most popular plan is called Silver and costs $497 per month. This one includes 25,000 credits and approximately 2,800 clicks.

The Gold and the Platinum plans are the more expensive options currently available. The first is billed at $997 per month and includes 55,000 credits that should last you for about 6,000 clicks. The second, the Platinum, can set you back as much as $2,497, but the perks it comes with are incredible, especially when compared to the other options — it gives users 150,000 credits, which are the equivalent of about 16,500 clicks.

In case you run out of credits, you can simply place an additional order and get extra ones.

Risks of using SerpClix

There are both pros and cons when it comes to relying on this service or any other CTR manipulation one, for that matter.

We’d say that the main difference between SerpClix and an automated bot is that the first uses real clickers. However, although in theory this should be better, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you specific results.

For example, compared to other services that we have looked at in the past, we couldn’t find any info as to whether or not you can customize the bounce rate. As you probably know if you have ever used CTR manipulation before, the amount of time that a user supposedly spends on your website can make quite a bit of difference.

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It seems that SerpClix circumvents this weakness of their system, though, by making it possible for customers to add a second link on their site, that the clicker needs to use so that the visit isn’t considered a total bounce.

SerpClix even answers this dilemma in the FAQ section that is available on the first page of the website. And apparently, the bounce rate is not considered a ranking factor – but any SEO worth their salt knows that it is, in fact, a ranking factor, and that if people just click on results but lose interest in less than a second, then obviously something is wrong with that website.

So, just receiving visits like that not only doesn’t bring any specific value, but it could actually damage a site’s ranking instead of improving it.

Now, of course, if you don’t know how to use automated bots instead of human clickers and you have no idea as to what settings you should use to make the whole experience as smooth as possible, neither of these two is going to provide you with any value.

What else besides Google Search does SerpClix work with?

You’ll be happy to know that SerpClix is available for a variety of other search engines and Internet services, too, not just good old Google. Yes, it is true, Google is the most widely used search engine right now, but some phones come with Bing, other people use Yandex and a variety of other apps that individuals across the world regularly rely on.

SerpClix works with anything from Bing Search and Google News to YouTube and Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile).

SerpClix for making an extra buck

Since we mentioned throughout this article that these are real clickers, that means that someone out there is getting paid for the visit that the website is getting. But is this a lucrative opportunity in case you’re looking to make some money fast? How does SerpClix work anyway?

We’re answering all of these questions and more in the following section of our article.

Is SerpClix legit?

In terms of whether you are going to be paid if you want to become a clicker, you probably have nothing to worry about in that sense.

As for whether Google can do anything to you for manipulating CTR manually like that, the chances of that ever happening are extremely slim. There have been no lawsuits for this in the past, especially involving human clickers.

How does SerpClix pay?

All of the clickers get their money through PayPal. We might have mentioned this before, but sometimes it’s a pro to get paid through PayPal whereas occasionally it can be a drawback.

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For one, the service isn’t available in literally every country across the globe and recently, PayPal has started to delete and ban accounts for all sorts of weird reasons, sometimes even without providing an explanation.

So, if you have no means of receiving the funds through a PayPal account, there is literally no sense in you using SerpClix to try and make an extra buck.

How much money can you make with the SerpClix browser extension?

As you might have noticed if you’ve gone through the section about how much using SerpClix for CTR manipulation costs, clickers actually have a pretty good chance of earning a decent amount for every website visit.

As the company itself claims, one click should bring you in at least $.05. 5 cents doesn’t seem like a lot in this economy, so you will have to decide whether it makes sense for you to use this service to make a bit of side income or just skip it altogether and focus on something else.

SerpClix Alternatives

As we have previously mentioned in the beginning of this article, we have reviewed other CTR manipulation tools in the past, so that is why we’d like to showcase the basics of them in this section.


This one also relies on real human traffic, so it’s quite similar to what SerpClix has to offer. At just $29 per month, you get two page visits with up to 25 clicks per day and up to 12 keywords.

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This service is a little clearer when it comes to the bounce rate, stating that the length of any visit received through SearchSEO doesn’t surpass 1 minute.

SEO Rank Hunter

There’s a free trial forever when it comes to SEO Rank Hunter and it works for a variety of search engines and services, including videos on YouTube. With the free trial, you get 300 clicks per month forever.

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In terms of pricing, this one is also quite affordable compared to SerpClix since the most basic plan costs $59 per month and comes with 1,500 clicks, 20 keywords, and up to 2 minutes-long visits. By the way, these are also real human clickers we are talking about.

SERP Empire

This one really takes the cake when it comes to your campaign customization. You can literally set whatever you prefer in terms of geotargeting, number of pages visited, the time spent on your website, and anything else.

You can even set increases or decreases in traffic depending on the day of the week – and that is a feature that we have definitely not come across in other CTR manipulation tools.

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SERP Empire does use automated traffic, though, so you should consider that – but we’d say that if you don’t use it for your money site and you don’t go crazy with the clicks, you might have better results with this service than with many others.

The least you can pay for using SERP Empire is $59 a month and it comes with 100 visits per day for a maximum of 50 keywords. No visits longer than 1 minute are accepted with this plan, so if you need more in terms of keywords, visits, pageviews per user, or up to 3 minutes, pick the Standard plan instead.

Final thoughts

So, does it make sense for you to rely on SerpClix or should you use something different? There’s an endless debate as to whether human clickers are better than bots and the other way around – but in the end, if you don’t go crazy, both can achieve the same type of results.

There are more affordable services out there, though, which can be a little disappointing. As for making a bit of extra money with SerpClix, it can take a very long time for you to do so.

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